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About GL
testtest During the past 13 years, GL Biochem has been recognized with many scientific and technological achievement awards at Provincial and Country levels, 20 Chinese patents, and published over 20 papers in scientific journals.
GL Biochem utilizes many state-of-the-art and test highly sophisticated peptide instruments able to produce more than 10,000 peptides per month. Our machines include 400Hz NMR, 2 units of FT-IR, 10 units of MS, Amino Acid Analyzer, 96/102 well automated peptide synthesizers, microwave-assisted peptide synthesizers, microplate readers, and 200 units of analytical and preparative HPLC.
GL Biochem has become the largest and most recognized producer of peptide reagents, custom peptides and antibodies worldwide.  We are renowned among international and domestic customers for having the test most complete listing of peptide related products ever offered! In addition we stock standard products and can usually produce a custom peptide test in less than 2 weeks.
As part of our expansion plans, GL Biochem has successfully acquired an antibody manufacturing company in 2008 and added fast-growing antibody products into our business portfolio. In 2011, we also acquired an Australian peptide company. This acquisition not only further substantiated our position as the top ranking peptide company in the world, but also enlarged our technical and sales superiority in the peptide business arena!
We would like to express our appreciation for the support given by our Chinese government. Top National Chinese leaders such as Mr. Jiang Zemin, Mr. Hu Jintao, Mr. Xi Jinping have visited GL Biochem or met with GL Biochem senior management. The government of China has recognized how critical peptide research is to Chinese researchers along with all researchers worldwide and is committed to supporting us.
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