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After 13 years of fast growth and expansion, GL Biochem has become the largest research grade peptide producer internationally, with a manufacturing capacity of 10000 purified peptides per month. GL Biochem is equipped with many state-of-the-art peptide research and manufacturing equipment, accumulation of more than ten years’ of QC/QA experience and also a group of vast experienced peptide scientists.
        As part of our aggressive growth strategy, GL Biochem welcomes highly motivated and talent individuals to join us. We are committed to create a platform for young professionals to reach greater heights in their future careers.

1.  Sale or Business Development Managers (Immediate Opening)
Job Responsibilities:  professionally promote GL products & services, in person, via phone email visiting
B.S. in chemistry or biology (M.S. or Ph.D preferred) with three years sales experience working with scientific researchers
Location:  China, Japan, USA, Europe
Number Openings:  30
2.  Antibody Technicians (immediate opening)
Job Responsibilities:  Production of polyclonal antibody and monoclonal antibody
BS in biochemistry or molecular biology
Location:  Shanghai
Number Openings:  50
3.  Peptide Chemists (immediate opening)
Job Responsibilities:  Synthesis purification of synthetic peptides
BS in peptide chemistry or biochemistry.
Location:  Shanghai, Melbourne and Binhai
Number Openings:  100
4.  Organic Chemists (immediate opening)
Job Responsibilities:  Synthesis of small molecule and unnatural protected amino acids
BS in chemistry or biochemistry.
Location:  Shanghai, Melbourne and Binhai
Number Openings:  150

Apply: If you're qualified and ready to join the GL team, please email a cover letter with your resume to

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