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FAQ for Online Shopping
Instruction for Custom Peptide Order System

Our custom peptide ordering system automatically provides you the pricing of custom peptides with modifications. If you cannot find special amino acid or any other modifications you need, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department (online live chat), or directly send email to
1. Both the amount and the purity of peptide are required.  Peptide can be aliquotted and each vial will cost US$1.00.  The default vial number is 1.
2. The modifications for N and C termini are not required.  The defaults for N and C termini are free NH2 and free COOH.
3. In the sequence text box, only single-letter code and triple-letter code are accepted.  If triple-letter code is used, each amino acid should be separated by “|” or “-“.  The following examples show the correct input:
The incorrect way input:

4. All letters and characters, which do not represent any of the twenty basic amino acids, will be removed after clicking “validate above sequence”.  A message window will pop out to remind you that unknown characters are detected.  Please check your sequence carefully after you get this message.
5. Only twenty basic amino acids are allowed to input in sequence box.  Modifications and special amino acids will not be recognized. The following examples show the incorrect input:
FITC- Ala-Asp-Ser-Phe-Lys-Glu
6. After inputting peptide sequence, click “validate above sequence” and enter the “Custom Peptide Order System”.  A name can be given to your peptide.  The default name is “Default”.  The amount, purity and aliquots of peptide can be changed.  The modification at N or C terminus can also be reselected.
7. Single-code and triple-code can be switched.
8. If peptide consists of all D-amino acids, just click the botton “Change all amino acids to D-amino acids”.
9. If peptide contains special amino acids or modifications (not at N or C terminus), select them from “Other Modifications” or “More Modifications”.  Please check the position of the added special amino acids and modification.  Usually the added one will be at the end of the sequence.  Edit your sequence and put the modifications in the right position.  Here we take Ala-Asp-pSer-Phe-Lys-Glu for example.
  • In sequence box, input: Ala-Asp-Ser-Phe-Lys-Glu
  • Select amount and purity, click “Validate your peptide” and enter the “Custom Peptide Order System”
  • From “Other Modifications”, click “Phosphorylation” and select “pSer”
  • In “Custom Peptide Oder System”, the sequence should show as:  Ala|Asp|Ser|Phe|Lys|Glu|(pSer)|
  • Edit  the sequence and change it as: Ala|Asp|(pSer)|Phe|Lys|Glu|
10. If the peptide cannot be clarified, please make it clear in comment box.
11. When all parameters of peptide are defined, click “add to preview” to you’re your peptide information.  If only one peptide will be ordered, click “preview your order” and the peptide information including pricing will be showed.  Click the “submit order” and then choose your payment and shipping method to finish your order.
12. If multiple peptides will be ordered, finish your first peptide and click “add to preview” to save the peptide information.  New peptide can be input in sequence box.  Just repeat to define all the parameters and save the information.  After all peptides information is saved, click “preview your order”.  All peptide parameters and pricing will be shown in next page.  Click the “submit order” and then choose your payment and shipping method to finish your order.










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